Meet the Pacto Syringe

We developed a compact syringe that lowers shipping cost, storage cost, and reduces the environmental impact of single use syringes.

Economic Savings

In medical logistics and supply chain operations, space is at a premium. Our design lowers shipping costs, minimizes storage costs, and reduces sterilization costs.

Environmental Impact

Due to the smaller packaging footprint, a successful solution could reduce the carbon footprint of shipping and storing these pre-filled syringes.

Health Equity

By reducing these costs and logistical requirements, pre-filled syringes could be more affordable and accessible for those living at the end of long supply chains.


Around the world, pre-filled syringes continue to grow in demand due to their convenience, safety benefits, sterility, and ease of use. However, the current standard design of pre-filled syringes wastes significant space, resources, effort, and money in the sterilization, shipping, and storing processes.

This means that the improved technology is expensive and inaccessible in many low-resource and rural settings. The alternative to pre-filled syringes is drawing up solutions from vials and ampules, which can lead to cross-contamination, accidental needle sticks, wasted medication, wasted supplies, delayed medication administration, and/or inaccurate dosing.



For public health and healthcare workers who use pre-filled syringes, we have invented a shorter syringe that reduces the packaging volume by 40% when compared to current pre-filled syringe options. Standard pre-filled syringes come with the plunger fully extended to accommodate the dose of medication.

Our design achieves a smaller packaging footprint by storing the plunger on the side of the device when in transit. To use the syringe, the clinician removes the plunger from the side of the device and installs the plunger into the syringe body using a patent pending locking mechanism.

How It Works

Our patent pending design stores the plunger on the side of the syringe body during transit. When a clinician is ready to use the device, it can be assembled in two steps:

  • Remove Plunger from Syringe Body

  • Press Plunger into Stopper

This product has not been reviewed, cleared, or approved by the FDA at this time.


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