Benefits of Pre-Filled Syringes

April 15th, 2023

In recent years, prefilled syringes have gained popularity as a preferred method of drug delivery in the healthcare industry with their many benefits to safety, efficiency, and efficacy. This increase in popularity has been reflected in the global prefilled syringe market, which is projected to grow from $7.15 billion USD in 2022 to $15.56 billion USD by 2030.

Improved safety and accuracy

One of the primary advantages of using prefilled syringes is that they offer improved safety and accuracy when administering medications. The contents of prefilled syringes are precisely measured in the syringe prior to shipping, which ensures that the correct amount of medication is delivered to the patient. This reduces the risk of dosing errors, which can lead to adverse events and complications.

In addition, prefilled syringes reduce the risk of accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare workers. This is because there are fewer tasks and less handling and switching of needles with prefilled syringes compared to when drawing up medication from a vial or ampule.

Finally, because the medication is loaded into the syringe in a sterile manufacturing environment rather than in a healthcare setting, there is a reduced chance of cross-contamination or issues with the sterility of the medication.

Increased efficiency and convenience

Prefilled syringes are a more efficient and convenient method of drug delivery compared to traditional methods of drug preparation and administration. Since prefilled syringes are already loaded with medication, there is no need for time-consuming drug preparation steps. This is a substantial benefit in the case of emergencies or other interventions when time is of the essence.

Reduced medication waste

Prefilled syringes can help reduce medication waste by ensuring accurate dosing and reducing the amount of medication left in vials and ampules. Traditional drug delivery methods often result in leftover medication, which leads to waste and increased costs. Currently, manufacturers need to overfill many vials by as much as 20-30% to account for potential waste. Prefilled syringes eliminate this problem by providing a premeasured dose that is ready to be administered.

Using prefilled syringes also requires fewer accompanying items compared to the traditional way of drawing up from a vial or ampule. With prefilled syringes, no blunt fill or larger gauge needle is needed just to draw up medication, no additional alcohol prep pad is needed to clean the top of the vial, and no vial or ampule is needed. All of those extra supplies are unnecessary when the medication is loaded ahead of time in a sterile manufacturing environment.

Improved patient compliance

Prefilled syringes can improve at-home patient compliance by simplifying medication administration and reducing the risk of dosing errors. Since the medication is preloaded in the syringe, there is no need for patients to measure and prepare the medication themselves. This can be particularly beneficial for patients who have difficulty with self-administration or have complex medication regimens. Prefilled syringes require less training and expertise to administer, which makes them more accessible across many different contexts, from homes and rural clinics to combat and prehospital emergency medicine.

Overall, prefilled syringes offer many benefits to the public health sector, including improved safety, sterility, efficiency, patient compliance, and convenience. At the same time, they reduce medication waste and the use of excess accompanying supplies. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, prefilled syringes will become an increasingly important tool for healthcare professionals in delivering high-quality patient care.

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